SUMMERBASH 15 – The NSFS Summer Workshop

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This year we celebrate the 20th year anniversary of the Nordic Stage Fight Society with the Summer Bash 15, in St. Michel, Finland! The workshop will be held at the lakeside of the beautiful Saimaa, at 20.7.-1.8. 2015.

The first annual summer workshop was held in Linköping, Sweden in 1992, and the Nordic Stage Fight Society was subsequently founded in 1995.

St. Michel (Finnish Mikkeli) is located in Southern-Savo, 2,5 hour drive from the capital, Helsinki. The venue itself is by the Lake Saimaa within walking distance from the city centre.  The classic postcard-images of Finland with its rocky lakeshores and forest islands are just around the corner.

The NSFS welcomes you to an experience of a lifetime!

If you have questions, feel free to contact us at

Course levels

At the Summer Bash 15 student can choose a course level based on students prior experience and education on the area of stage combat.

You can either choose the full two week package or if you do not have time to participate the two full weeks, or you are in doubt otherwise you are welcome to take the one week course and join the workshop only on the first week of training.

On all course levels emphasis is put on combining artistic value, technique and safety.
If you have any doubts of suitable level for you, please contact us at the and we will help you to find your level.

Summer Bash 15 course levels are:

Classes: Unarmed combat, broadsword, single rapier, movement and storytelling.
The beginner course is an introductory level for the participant who has little or no previous experience in staged combat. The course ends in a showcase, where the participants play selected scenes from the work in class for a live audience.

Classes: Unarmed combat, broadsword, single rapier.
This course is an expansion of the beginner level. The course is aimed at participants who have some previous training. The participant can choose to take a certification test at the end of the course.

Classes: Sword and shield, rapier and dagger, quarterstaff.
The course focuses on two-handed weapons, which require more awareness and coordination from the performer. The course ends in a showcase, where the participants play selected scenes from the work in class for a live audience.

Classes: Sword and shield, rapier and dagger, quarterstaff.
This course is an expansion of the intermediate prep. 1 level. The participant can choose to take a certification test at the end of the course.

Classes: Theatrical martial arts (TMA), knife, smallsword.
The course focuses on weapons with smaller target areas and stylised movement, which requires more movement specificity and precision from the performer. The course ends in a showcase, where the participants play selected scenes from the work in class for a live audience.

Classes: Theatrical martial arts (TMA), knife, smallsword.
This course is an expansion of the intermediate prep. 2 level. The participant can choose to take a certification test at the end of the course.

Classes: exploration of technique and style based on teacher expertise.
What choices are available for you in a fight choreography? The advanced course offers experienced stage fight performers a unique opportunity to develop their artistry even further.

Advanced class detailed descriptions coming soon…


Day to day schedule:
July 19th: arrival and check in
July 20th-July 25th: classes
July 26th: resting day, no classes
July 27th-July 30th: classes
July 31st: training day and scene-work supported by teachers and assistants
August 1st: certification tests, showcase performance and farewell party
August 2nd: departure

Daily schedule
9.00- 9.30 warm up
9.30 announcements
9.45-11.15 class
11.30-13.00 2.nd class
13.00-14.15 lunch
14.15- 15.45 3.rd class
16.00-17.30 class
17.30- 18.00 warm down

Detailed, course level based schedule coming soon…

Workshop fee

The full price for full two week package is 850 €, and for one week course 450 €.

All who have signed in before the 30. of april 2015 will get an earlybird discount that is 15% off from their full amount.

People coming from the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) are entitled to the Baltic Discount 15 %

The NSFS member discount is 10 %

If you are entitled to several discounts, your maximum discount is 20 % (Baltic 25 %)

Single room extra cost is 110 euros for two weeks, and 60 for one week.

The NSFS is a non-profit organisation that spans many countries. We attempt to make it possible for people from all countries to attend. For more info on the discounts please contact us at the

– accommodation in double rooms (possibility for single room at an added cost)
– lunch on training days
– classes
– weapon rental
– showcase performance for a live audience
•    certification test


To book your place in the Summer Bash 15 write a email to
The booking should contain following info:
•    name, age, nationality
•    contact info (email, phone)
•    special personal info ( allergies or special diets, intrest for single room with extra cost and so forth..)
•    previous experience in stage combat and theater
•    the course level you are signing in. (check above- course levels)

When booking you will be asked to pay the booking fee of 100 € within a week from booking. your booking will be official after payment is received. At that time you will also get the detailed info package containing f.ex. the info about rest of the payment.

Training and Accommodation

All the training spaces and the accommodation are within the same area, the campus of The Youth Institute of Finland, Paukkulanmäki, Mikkeli. Rooms are for two, with a possibilty for a private room (extra cost). There are two grocery stores situated within walking distance.


There are many ways of getting to St Michels (Mikkeli). Here are some easy options:

By train:

The trains to Mikkeli depart from the Helsinki main railway station 5-6 times a day. They take only aprox. 2.5 hours. From the airport there is a straight 40 min. bus connection to Helsinki trainstation ( bus nr. 615).

From the airport you can also take the local bus nr 61 to the Tikkurila railway station. You can get on board on all the trains from Helsinki to Mikkeli there. This might be the fastest way if the connections work together..

More info about train connections:

By bus:

From the Helsinki-Vantaa airport there is a aprox. 3,5 hour bus connection to Mikkeli with 1 short bus change to a bus coming from the center of Helsinki . These will depart in  every 1-2 hours.

From the center of Helsinki there is a straight 3-4 hour bus connection departing almost every hour. These depart from the Helsinki main bus-station at the Kamppi Center. Kamppi center is located right in the center of Helsinki just a 5 min walk from the Helsinki trainstation.

more info about busses:

We are also working on community SB 15- bus to pick students up from the airport. The SB 15 bus would be departing from the airport at 16.00 sunday afternoon. This will be confirmed later.

Safe travels, everyone!

Dazed, confused and bewildered? Have a look at the FAQ section or contact us at

Summer Bash 15 Teachers

Brad Waller (USA)
NSFS and FDC honorary member, SAFD certified instructor, founder member of the IOSP. Teacher at the Academy of Classical acting in Washington DC. Internationally recognized scholar in 16th Century fighting systems.

Brad Waller has been an actor, fight choreographer, and stage combat teacher in the Washington DC area for over 22 years. Brad has choreographed over 200 proffessional shows at The Shakespeare Theatre, The Folger Shakespeare Library, Arena Stage, The Kennedy Center, The National Opera at the Kennedy Center, The Washington Ballet, The Washington Shakespeare Company, Olney Theatre, Wolley Mammoth Theatre Company, Source Theatre, Round House Theatre, and others. Brad is a historian of Medieval and Elizabethan fighting systems. He has been a Reader at the Folger Library since 1988; is a frequent lecturer and was guest curator of the 1995 Folger Library exhibit ”The Sword and the Pen.” Brad is a founding member of The International Order of the Sword & the Pen, and now serves as the Director of Research and Developement. He has lectured on Swordplay for The Folger Library, The Smithsonian Institution and Gallaudet University – School for the Deaf.

Brad is going into his 10th year in teaching swordplay and stage combat for the Masters program at the Academy for Classical Acting at The Shakespeare Theatre and George Washington University. Brad is currently working to develope an advanced program with his collegues in the Nordic Stage Fight Society.

Jacques Cappelle (BE)
A Certified Maître d’Armes of the ARAB (Académie Royale d’Armes de Belgique), member of the AAI (Académie d’Armes Internationale),  and member of the Artistic Commission for World Artistic Fencing Championship.
He is also Certified Fight Master Fight Director Canada and member of their board.

Born in Brussels, Belgium the 22nd February 1949
Began Fencing  at 10 years old ( a born fighter, in fact !)
Has been working since 40 years with professional theatre.

He has been teaching theatrical combat since 1979 at IAD ( Institut des Arts et de la Diffusion ) at the University of Louvain La Neuve ; since 1993 at INSAS ( Institut National Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle ), the main dramatic art school in Brussels/Belgium, and  since 2002 at the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles.

He has worked as a fight director for the Royal Opera, the National Theater, the ‘Théâtre Royal du Parc in Brussels, Antwerps Opera, National Theater Manheim, etc. Currently he works for a French movie and stage version of 3 musketeers in Brussels.

Jacques Cappelle met  Peppe Ostenson and Kristopher Jorgessen during the Paddy Crean Workshop in Banff 2006. After that he was invited to teach at the NSFS National Workshop in 2007 in Rackvere, Estonia. He was also guest teacher in Hamar, Norway 2009.

He has been teaching in workshops at Canada, USA, Germany, Italy, Great-Britain etc during his years as a fight master..

Siobhan Richardson (CA)
Certified Fight Instructor with Fight Directors Canada and is on the Fight Directors roster of Canadian Actor’s Equity Association

Siobhan has been performing, directing and teaching stage combat for over a decade, and her career has taken her across Canada, the USA, and Europe. She is a Certified Fight Instructor with Fight Directors Canada, is on the Fight Directors roster of Canadian Actor’s Equity Association, and she has been a professional actor/fighter/singer/dancer since 2001. She is a 2009 recipient of the Chalmers Arts Fellowship from the Ontario Arts Council, which allowed her to travel to Washington (DC), England and Sweden to study with some of the world’s foremost fight directors. She has taught at International events, such as The Paddy Crean International Art of the Sword Workshop in Banff, Alberta, Canada and in several European countries, including France, German, Ireland, England, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Estonia. Fight Direction credits include White Biting Dog (Soulpepper), The Hobbit (The Grand Theatre), Such Creatures (Nightswimming and Theatre Passe Muraille) and Death of a Chief (Native Earth). She is the “go-to” stage combat director and instructor for a number of directors, theatre companies and actors.

Fight Direction credits include The Hobbit (The Grand Theatre, London), White Biting Dog (Soulpepper), Such Creatures (Nightswimming and Theatre Passe Muraille), Death of a Chief (Native Earth), and several productions for Humber River Shakespeare Company.  Siobhan is also a Stage Combat Instructor. She teaches private lessons and workshops internationally, and has recently returned from her second tour of Europe. Teaching credits range from the Paddy Crean International Stage Combat Workshop in Banff, to theatre companies and stage combat groups in London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Munich, Brittany, Norway, Finland, Estonia, and Sweden.  Here in Toronto, she and her partner run Burning Mountain.

Her company, Burning Mountain, founded with Actor/Fight Director Matt Richardson, is continually experimenting and devising. They build upon existing foundation safety practices of stage combat, and draw from various historical martial arts and performing styles. Their teaching style is characterized by the drawing of parallels to the actor’s process, connecting fight technique to process and performance, to foster growth of the art form and its artists. This year, Burning Mountain is delighted to be on the Ontario Arts Council’s Artists in Education roster, a program that subsidizes professional artists in high schools.

Oula Kitti (FI)
A certified NSFS Stage Combat Teacher

Summer workshop principal 2014 and 2015, actor, fight director, NSFS board member, founding member of the Finnish Stage Combat Society, certified NSFS teacher, and has a wide background in physical theatre. Oula has worked in theatres all around Finland after graduating Master of Arts in acting from Tampere University. He has taught stage combat and directed fights on stage since 2003. He graduated from the NSFS mentor program in 2011 (mentor: Peppe Östensson).

Jurgen Wenzel (SE)
A certified NSFS Stage Combat Teacher

NSFS certified teacher (mentor: Peppe Östensson), freelance drama teacher, choreographer, actor, writer, and director. Dramatic combat as an actor since 1995 and NSFS member since 2003. Creating drama for stage and screen is one of his passions in life.

Hilde Veronika Høie (NO)
A certified NSFS Stage Combat Teacher

NSFS certified teacher (mentor: Peppe Östensson), actress, singer, filmmaker and director. Graduated from the European Film College, and continued to work in the Danish movie industry. 15 years of experience working with voice, including a BA in musicology from the University of Copenhagen. Completed a two year education in physical acting and collaborative theatre at Linjen för Scenkonst in Linköping, Sweden. Current interest: movement, voice, and creativity in all shapes and forms.

Simon Manns (SE)
A certified NSFS Stage Combat Teacher

NSFS certified teacher, actor, choreographer, drama teacher and the chairperson of the NSFS. Simon is among the newest teachers in NSFS but is old in the game. He has been a professional actor since 1995. He has toured Sweden many times over and also performed in Denmark, Norway, Finland, Italy and South Africa. His latest work in dramatic combat can be seen in the Swedish movie “Återträffen” (The reunion) that won film of the year 2014.

Indrek Sammul (EE)
A certified NSFS Stage Combat Teacher

Indrek Sammul (born 1972 Estonia, Viljandi) is a well-known actor and stage fight choreographer in Estonia. Studied 1990 – 1994 at the Estonian Music and Theatre Academy.

Throughout his career Indrek has been working in the big Estonian theatres like Tallinna Linnatetater, Ugala and now in Estonian Draamateater and has created over 60 different characters. Among them: Romeo, Rocco, D’Artagnan, Laertes, Tuzenbach, Verzhinin, Salieri, Rodion Raskolnikov etc.

He became Nordic Stage Fight teacher in 2003 but taught and choreographed in Estonia long before that. He has been teaching stage fight in 3 different acting schools and has choreographed over 40 fights on the big stages in Estonia. Among them the legendary productions of Three Musketeers and Hamlet at Tallinna Linnateater.

Frequently asked questions


For anything, contact us at You will be replied!
You can also check the web sites:

Send an email to Make sure it contains all the info needed ( check- info/booking):
– name, age, nationality
•    contact info (email, phone)
•    special personal info ( allergies or special diets, intrest for single room with extra cost and so forth..)
•    previous experience in stage combat and theater
•    the course level you are signing in. (check – info/course levels)

We strive to get back to you within 7 days. If you should experience difficulty in contacting us, you can also post your question on our Summer Bash 15 Facebook group.

Just write us an email. Let us know what kind of training you have. We will then register you for the course-level we think you will get the most out of. During the workshops first 2-3 days we assess the students to see if they are in the appropriate class. If the assessment is that the student should be attending another course-level, we have a little chat and rearrange your placement.

Unfortunately not. All the workshop fees need to done by bank transfer for the accounttant reasons.

Yes. Just use our Facebook group.

When booking, you will be given a booking fee info directing you to pay the booking fee within 7 days. When the booking fee has been received you will be sent the info package containing the payment info. The final deadline for the rest of the payments is  july 1st 2015 (01.07.2015)!

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NSFS kesäworkshop 2015!

Vuoden näyttämötaistelukohokohta on ensi kesänä Mikkelissä! Varatkaa kalentereistanne 20.7.-1.8., sillä viiden vuoden tauon jälkeen NSFS:n kesäworkshop palaa Suomeen. Luvassa on huikeita opettajia ja mahtavia tunteja sekä paljon samanhenkistä porukkaa useasta eri maasta. Alla on tarkemmat tiedot leiristä. Hinta riippuu myönnettyjen apurahojen määrästä.

Aika: 20.7.-1.8.

Paikka: Suomen Nuoriso-opisto, Paukkulanmäki, Mikkeli

Hinta (koko leiri): 650-850 € sis. majoituksen, lounaan ja testin sekä tietysti treenitunnit. Hinta (1 viikko) 450 € sis. majoituksen, lounaan ja treenitunnit.

Varmistuneet opettajat: Brad Waller USA, Jacques Cappelle BEL, Siobhan Rickhardson CAN, Oula Kitti FIN, Jurgen Wenzel SWE, Hilde Veronica Hoie SWE, Simon Manns SWE, Indrek Sammui EST, ( Jonathan Howell GBR)

Tasot leirillä: Beginner, basic, intermediate 1 ja 2 sekä advanced. Mikäli tasoista tai siitä, mitä ne pitää sisällään, on kysyttävää, ottakaa yhteyttä joko minuun ( tai yhteystiedoista löytyviin henkilöihin.

Ilottautumisinformaation pistän tänne piakkoin.

-Iiro Heikkilä

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Viikkotunnit jatkuvat!

SNTYn Viikkotunnit jatkuvat taas, tällä kertaa treenaamme joka viikon TIISTAINA klo 19-21. Treenitilana taas Ilmaisuverstaan tilat Annankatu 31-33 D:ssä, summerissa ”Näyttelijäliitto”. Tulemme informoimaan paremmin viikkotuntien sisällöstä, hyvissä ajoin ennen tuntia. Parhaiten tämän infon saa Facebook-ryhmän kautta:

Kertamaksu treenistä on 7e , mutta kannattaa ostaa 5 kerran kortti parilla kympillä.



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NSFSn kesäleiri ohi!

Kiitos kaikille syyllisille loistavasta ruotsinmatkasta! Edustuksemme NSFSn kesätyöpajassa Linköpingissä oli vahva, näkyvä ja äänekäs; meidän yhdistyksemme porukka oli koko leirin suurin! Suuri kiitos siitä! Kaksi viikkoa treeniä on rankka kokemus, mutta hyvin menneiden testien ja showcasen jälkeen oli kyllä tyytyväinen fiilis, vaikkakin rättiväsynyt. Suuri kiitos kaikille opettajille sekä erityisesti Oulalle joka raapi koko opetuksen kasaan. Miekkakäsi palautuu vielä pari päivää, joten ei muuta kun biitsille ja kohta taas kohti uusia haasteita; ensi kesänä NSFSn kesätyöpaja olisi tarkoitus järjestää Suomessa, siitä enemmän tuonnenpana. Pitäkää huolta!

puheenjohtaja Järvenpää

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Suomen näyttämötaisteluyhdistyksellä on joka viikko nyt harjoitusaika! Treenitila on Näyttelijäliiton Ilmaisukellari osoitteessa Annankatu 31-33 D, porttikongista sisäpihalle, E-rappu. Tilaan on ulko-oven vieressä ovisummeri (Suomen Näyttelijäliitto)

Treeniaika on perjantaisin klo 19-21. Osallistumismaksu jaetaan kulloinkin treenaamassa olevien kesken tasan, vuoro maksaa yhteensä 20 e kerta. Oula on opettamassa ja muutakin porukkaa on neuvomassa oikeastaan mistä vain asiaan liittyvästä.

Treenaamaan saa tulla vaikka ei ole jäsen!


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Peruskurssista KIITOS!

Kriston peruskurssi pidettiin 23.-24.11 Tapanilassa Teatteri Tuikkeen tiloissa. Ja hauskaa oli! Kurssille osallistui mukava yhdeksän hengen porukka, tunnelma oli lämmin ja opetus yksilöllistä. Kävimme koreografian kautta läpi aseettoman taistelun sekä miekankäsittelyn yleisiä periaatteita ja ajatuksia. Saimme sunnuntain päätteeksi tehtyä joka parin kanssa hienot kohtaukset, kaikki saivat kokea esiintymisen riemun ja jännityksen. Kiitoksia Kristo Salmiselle rennosta ja asiantuntevasta otteesta ja koko porukalle kurssista! Kiitokset myös Errolille. röh.

Jatkoa seuraa!photo(1)

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Tuliasekurssi tulee taas!

Viime vuonna suuren suosion saanut Tuliasekurssi saa jatkoa!


Suomen näyttämötaisteluyhdistys ja Helsinki Shooting Club järjestää kahden päivän kurssin esiintymisen ammattilaisille jossa opetellaan käsiaseen oikeaoppista käsittelyä, turvasäännöstö, taktisia kuvioita sekä päästään ampumaan useilla erilaisilla käsiaseilla HSCn ampumaradalle. Kurssilla käsitellään myös tuliaseiden kanssa työskentelyä; mihin erilaisiin tilanteisiin voikaan joutua näyttämöllä tai filmityössä, mitkä ovat esiintyjän omat vastuualueet, mitä tehdä vaaratilanteessa yms.


Kurssin pääkouluttajana toimii Antti Vaittinen, Helsinki Shooting Clubin ratamestari. Antilla on yli 12 vuoden kokemus ammattimaisesta ampumisesta eri työtehtävissä, hän on saanut tunnustusta tarkkuusampujana sekä konsultonut useiden elokuvaprojektien aseiden käsittelyä.



Kurssi on kaksipäiväinen; ensimmäisenä päivänä työskentelemme leikkiaseiden kanssa, toisena päivänä oikeiden. Jos omistat replika-pistoolin, voit ottaa sen mukaan!



2.11 klo 10-16 Ryhmäteatteri, Helsinginkatu 25, Helsinki

3.11 klo 10-15 Helsinki Shooting Club, Albertinkatu 36 A, Helsinki

Kurssin hinta 80e (sisältää ratamaksun, patruunat yms.)

SNTYn jäsenille 65e

Ilmoittautumiset ja kysymykset osoiteeseen:



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Näyttämötaistelun Peruskurssi 23. – 24.11 2013


Opettaja Kristo Salminen on Kansallisteatterin näyttelijä ja
Suomen ensimmäinen sertifioitu näyttämötaistelun opettaja.
Kristo on saanut oppinsa alan maineikkaassa British
Academy of Stage and Screen Combat;ssa Lontoossa ja
on sen jälkeen suunnitellut lukuisia taistelukohtauksia niin
elokuviin, televisioon kuin teattereihinkin ympäri Suomea.


Opettajana Kristo Salminen

Suomen näyttämötaisteluyhdistys tarjoaa marraskuussa näyttämötaistelun peruskurssin, jossa opetellaan näyttämöväkivallan ja siihen liittyvän näyttelijäntyön tärkeimpiä perusteita rennossa ja turvallisessa ilmapiirissä.


Kurssi sopii asiasta kiinnostuneille vasta-alkajille, mutta myös kokeneemmille näyttelijä/taistelijoille, perusjuttuja on hyvä päivittää aika ajoin!


Kurssin sijainti: Teatteri Tuikkeen tilat,

Tapanilan aseman

vieressä, Viertolantie 2-4


Aika: 23.11 klo 10-16 ja 24.11 klo 14-19

Kurssihinta: 60e, SNTYn jäsenille 45e


Ilmoittautumiset ja kysymykset osoitteeseen:



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Vuosikokouksen antia!

SNTY piti vuosikokouksen 26.5, aloittaen Megazonen lasersodalla Salmisaaressa. Sieltä siirryimme Arlan saunan kautta Ravintola Cellaan jossa varsinainen kokous pidettiin. Läsnäolijoita oli varsin mukavasti ja kokous oli erittäin onnistunut. Lähitulevaisuudessa päätettiin järjestää useita kursseja: toinen Tuliasekurssi, Alkeiskurssi sekä Broadsword-kurssi edistyneille olivat ainakin listalla. Kursseja toteutetaan yhteistyöhankkeina, niistä lisää informaatiota syksymmällä. Uusi hallitus valittiin: Pj. Markus Järvenpää, Vpj. Oula Kitti, Sih. Outi Ikonen, taloudenhoitaja Iiro Heikkilä, jäsenet Ville Seivo ja Anu Eerola. Hallitus kiitti luottamuksesta ja lupasi kehittää ja edistää suomalaista sekä pohjoismaista näyttämötaistelua parhaalla katsomallaan tavalla.IMG_0534

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Thanks for the workshop eveyone!

The Easter workshop was absolutely great, thank you for everyone who participated! And everyone who tested the Basic Test got through: Iiro Heikkilä, Kimmo Korpela, Outi Ikonen, Marjut Ollitervo, Ville Seivo, Jane Kääriäinen and Ukko Rastamo (Rapier). Congrats! And thank you Peppe!IMG_0032

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