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A Series of Workshops From the Finnish Stage Combat Society

Are you interested in developing a deeper understanding and skill of stage combat? Or perhaps you have wished to give this theatre technique a try? These are both possible in a series weekend workshops arranged by the Finnish Stage Combat Society during the upcoming winter and spring.

The course will cover the three different weapon groups (broadsword, rapier, and unarmed combat) which comprise the Basic Level of stage fighting proficiency for the Nordic Stage Fight Society. We will train various methods of executing stage violence which are both safe to perform and

exciting to observe. Upon completing the course, students
have an opportunity to test for the internationally recognized NSFS Basic Actor Combatant diploma (

The course is designed for theatre professionals (actors, dancers, singers etc.), stage combat practitioners, as well as anyone interested in the subject. You need no prior experience to take part in the course or any workshops! At the beginning of each workshop the participants are divided into groups as per their experience. Credit from prior courses (including Teak and earlier FSCS workshops) will be included for those wishing to take the Basic Actor Combatant test.

The primary teacher for the course is actor (FIA) and stage combat teacher (NSFS) Oula Kitti. Other teachers and assistants will include active members of the Finnish Stage Combat Society. Additionally a guest teacher and world renown fight director from the NSFS will arrive during the Easter Workshop to observe and adjudicate the Basic Combatant Test (more information later).

Course Schedule:

17.-18.11.2012 Rapier klo 10.00-14.00 ja 15.00-19.00

8.-9.12.2012 Broadsword klo 10.00-14.00 ja 15.00-19.00

12.-13.1.2013 Unarmed klo 10.00-14.00 ja 15.00-19.00

2.-3.2. 2013 Rapier klo 10.00-14.00 ja 15.00-19.00

23.-24.2.2013 Broadsword klo 10.00-14.00 ja 15.00-19.00

16.-17.3.2013 Unarmed klo 10.00-14.00 ja 15.00-19.00

29.-31.3.2013 Easter Workshop (including Basic Combatant Test, alternate schedule)

FSCS reserves the right to make changes to the schedule

Course location: Theatre Academy of Helsinki (more information when you are registered)

Price: Entire course (6 workshops) 425€, per weekend 85€

Members of FSCS and Ilmaisuverstas 350€/70€

Easter Workshop 100€/member price 85€ (price includes the Basic Combatant Test) The final day to register for any workshop is the preceding Sunday.

To register for any workshop or more info:

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